Remote Assistance Availablity

Remote assistance is service provided for the user by providing experts to connect to a user’s console to solve any problem directly.

This service is most advisable for the users/clients who have computer usage knowledge without any technical knowledge. Clients who don’t have a technical knowledge may be raised with various queries, where he/she can resolve their issues by connecting the particular console to the technical expert. Remote assistance is made easier and less costly for help desks.

How we provide assistance through Remote Access?

Remote assistance uses Terminal Services technology, allows assisting via a remote Terminal Services session. As shown below, Remote Assistance uses a simple, secure process in establishing a connection between the client and a service provider. The request is encrypted with a public key and sent using XML.

Remote Assistance can be done in following scenarios:

  • Using Remote Assistance via Windows Messenger.
  • Using Remote Assistance via saving a file.
  • Using Remote Assistance via e-mail.
  • Offering Remote Assistance to a user.
  • Administering Remote Assistance in Corporate Environments.